The purchase price, liquidated air conditioner good price in Hanoi

Are you wondering how to handle the “old” air conditioning home? You come here with us the exact location! With the fast working style, prestige and special assurance of the interests of customers, we are willing to buy all kinds of air conditioners old, damaged with the most reasonable price.

• Why dispose of old air conditioners?

With the hot weather lasts, the house has young children … the air conditioner must work continuously every month, every year. After a long time of course the air conditioning feature will not be as original. Continuing maintenance, repairs also cost a considerable amount.

When there is a need to relocate, repair the room … the old air conditioning capacity may not be suitable anymore, so replace the new machine with new features with outstanding features will last long more composite.

• Reason for choosing An Phuc is the old liquidation

1. We buy all kinds of old conditioners of the manufacturers, generations … whether broken or not to use, so the price is reasonable on the basis of the agreement.

2. điều hòa nhật bãi an phúc Phuc purchase directly, you just call the hotline 0975195046, after 30 minutes we will send people to your home to negotiate, dismantle and pay full, not many procedures and time-consuming friend.

3. Free installation and transportation.

4. The old air-consignment staff in all districts in Hanoi, unlimited number.

In addition to the old air conditioner purchase price, we also sell air conditioning units old, air conditioning Japan with reasonable prices and stable quality. Facing summer holidays, air conditioning is imperative, but if your finances are limited then trust the old air conditioner that guarantees our quality at a great price. Most affordable, most competitive.

Not only that, An Phuc is also a unit that provides services of purchase, installation, maintenance, repair of air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, heaters, microwave at home for business agencies, Households in Hanoi have VAT invoices, genuine parts, 12 months warranty, professional staff, enthusiasm. Commitment to all the services and products that we provide.

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