Clintons card chain secures rescue deal to safeguard 2,500 jobs

Sky’ѕ new owner Comcast will build 32-acre TV ɑnd film… Cash-strapped council іѕ urged to sell ‘ugly’ £20million… Share thіs article Share Eddie Shepherd, chief executive οf Clintons, saіԀ: ‘Despite receiving support from a numƅеr оf landlords, ᴡe were ᥙnfortunately unable t᧐ secure tһе requisite support needed to suϲcessfully launch ⲟur proposals. Owners tһe Wеiss family һad been looking for an exit with a poѕsible sale օf Clintons, but thе chain had also been holding talks ѡith landlords oѵer a possiblе company voluntary arrangement t᧐ shut stores аnd slash rents.

Gold and silver foiling, үes this is not a real gold Ƅut a thin layer of gold color іs pasted fοr bеtter lоok. Thiѕ layer іs alsо availɑble in different colors ⅼike silver. These are costly sheets thɑt ɑre pasted duгing the production and cutting ߋf the cards. Let me explain thеm οne Ьy one fߋr your convenience. Thіs PDF file cⲟuld Ƅе printed bу uѕing dіfferent types of printings. This wholesome process ⅼooks easier but reqᥙires gгeat efforts and few steps.

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Best iPhone apps of 2019

Now that Disney’s streaming service is live, one of the simplest ways to browse its catalog without signing up is to check sites like JustWatch, which lets you browse, search and filter the catalogs of streaming services. 


James Martin/CNET TikTok is a social video app where you can watch people lip-syncing or dancing to songs, or create videos of yourself doing the same. While it was released in 2016, this year was when TikTok truly went mainstream: In November, the app surpassed 1.5 billion downloads worldwide on the App Store and Google Play, with more than 600 million downloads in 2019 alone. TikTok was also the third most-downloaded nongaming app of the year, after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — putting it ahead of the main Facebook app and Instagram, according to mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower. It should be noted, however, that TikTok is under investigation from the US government for potential security risks due to its Chinese ownership. 

My favorite editing app is Adobe Lightroom Mobile, but I also get great results from Google’s Snapseed, which you can get for free on Android and iOS. I tend to start with tweaking the white balance so the colours look accurate — or to give a warmth boost to a beautiful sunset. It’s here that shooting in raw becomes particularly beneficial. 

A24 Lulu Wang’s personal story about her grandmother is so good she’s told it already. On the acclaimed radio show This American Life, Wang detailed how her family went to great and often bizarre lengths (like altering medical reports) to keep her grandmother in the dark about her cancer diagnosis. Now, like many of the radio program’s fascinating stories, Wang’s has been adapted for the screen, directed and written by Wang herself.


Craigslist Online classified ads site Craigslist has been around since 1995, but crazily enough, it didn’t get an iOS app until December of 2019. The app has a simple, nonfussy interface that’s reminiscent of the website version, where you can search for everything from jobs to furniture to cars to purchase. The app currently has 4 out of 5 stars and more than 150 ratings in the App Store.


Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki, saying the show will feature the version of Loki seen in 2012’s first Avengers film. Loki appeared to be killed by Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, but Endgame’s “time heist” plot showed Loki in 2012 snatching the tesseract/space stone and teleporting away. The Loki series will explain what happened to Hiddleston’s character right after that, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said. Hiddleston also said the series version of Loki reflects the mischievous version seen in The Avengers, not the reformed Loki seen in Thor: Ragnarok. Timing: Spring 2021

The CW Crisis also serves as a capper to Arrow, the first of this latest wave of DC shows. The success of Arrow, anchored by an eponymous hero played by Stephen Amell, allowed The CW to expand into multiple shows that let its characters walk out of one series and into the next. Even as Warner Bros. struggled to create a DC Extended Universe on the big screen, it successfully cobbled together the Arrowverse on the small screen. 

Spectre Apple recently awarded the AI photography app Spectre Camera its title of iPhone App of the Year. Spectre uses machine learning to take simulated long-exposure photos on your iPhone — an effect that previously required a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The app also includes support for the ultrawide camera on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. 

Sitting on the couch, though, I started calculating whether it was worth investing time in the show because I’d missed the all-important discourse window. If I was late to the game, was the game worth playing at all?

None of this is to say that I wish there were fewer options. Certainly, I am totally in charge of what I watch and when. So if I never get around to watching Barry, but mainline the third season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s on me. 

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Angela Lang/CNET Apps have dominated our lives for the last decade, and in 2019 they only became more a part of how we move through the world each day — how we communicate, learn, travel, watch TV and play. The introduction of the iPhone 11 and Apple’s major moves into the world of subscription gaming and TV services only made the apps that give us access to them more important. 

Apple Arcade games

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET Apple introduced its gaming subscription service Apple Arcade in September, at $5 a month. Its catalog of more than 100 games — available as downloadable apps for most iOS devices from the service in the App Store — range from updates of nostalgic favorites like Pac-Man Party Royale and Rating Drama Korea ( Frogger in Toy Town to puzzle games, mystery games and kid-friendly games. Apple recently named the musical motorcycle racing game Sayonara Wild Hearts as the Apple Arcade Game of the Year.