About Us

Lexie Starr was born in 1956 in the Bahamas. She was raised there and in 1979 she came to New York City and went to school for nurses aid. She worked for quite some time in the field and later went to college for fashion merchandising and she later left college to start her own business.

Lexie Starr Style/Lexie Starr sewed for herself and it revolved into a permanent business she got married and had children but continued to sew. She sewed for Lil Kim in her early career, She also sewed for IBM workers just to name a few. She made party clothes, bridal gowns, wedding parties, children's clothes, men's clothes, lingerie's, she also painted, and did interior decorating.

In 1991, Starr did a major fashion show with JcPenney and Sears in Pompano Beach, Florida. At the fashion show Lexie went on stage and could not see a thing. The next day she flew back to New York City and went to the doctor. The doctor told her that she had keratoconus a rare eye disease, She became legally blind in both eyes until she got the corneal transplant in both eyes and gradually regained her sight in 1993 and 1995.

After regaining her vision Lexie Starr Style/Lexie Starr started sewing again but had some problems with rejection of the cornea and later found out that the lint and dust was a big cause of the problem. She had to give up sewing permanently. Because of her fabulous taste in fashion and the request from her customers in 2016, Lexie started her online fashion boutique, She handpicked all of the fashion and accessories which are available at www.lexiestarrstyle.com.